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Many thanks to noted artist Freya Willemoes-Wissing, British volunteers Annie Doble, Brogan Garrit-Smith and Coach Craig for their beautiful murals at the Love to Langa Swimming Academy!
From Annie: “What Love to Langa has achieved in 8 short years is profound. It has changed the lives of so many children, Their swimming program is such an important concept to be able to teach these children and adults in the surrounding townships to swim, where normally this wouldn’t be an option. It made me feel very proud to be able to help Kissmea and her team, she is an extraordinary person with great determination and a heart of gold. I can’t wait to be back in Cape Town and continue on our mission! Thank you for letting me help you guys.”
From Brogan: “When traveling in Cape Town, I had the absolute pleasure of volunteering down at Love to Langa. Watching how the children are cared for with such love, support and enthusiasm was so heart warming. The staff are beyond amazing, creating a safe and loving environment for the children. It’s simply outstanding how this charity is run. I met with Kissmea who I must say is like an angel in human form- her sheer dedication to Love to Langa goes beyond measures and she truly cares about each and every child. I found it so heartwarming to see a genuine charity that’s children’s needs were at the heart of their campaign (unlike many others.) So, I ask you guys to dig deep and here love to Langa on their mission!”
Annie and Brogan were so inspired by our work, that they started a GoFundMe for us!