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Tyran and PCC Principal Helen Diedericks

If we told you a little boy named Tyran is growing up on a farm, what kinds of images come to mind?  Rolling fields, gentle animals and a snug, tidy farmhouse?  Surely Tyran’s reality is very far from the bucolic vision you might expect.

Tyran is one of the children that Love to Langa is sponsoring to attend the Philippi Children’s Centre, thanks to the generosity of donors like you.  His tuition is $30 a month and since he is not within walking distance, he requires transportation to school, which is $10 a month.

His mother works on the farm where they live, but she cannot afford tuition for Tyran, who will be three years old in September.  You can see that he is very small for his age, more the size of a one year old, and as PCC Principal Helen Diedericks says, “I would rather have him be fed and in a safe environment.  The food he will receive at the Centre as well as general care and education will make a radical difference to his chances in life.”

We had the opportunity to visit Tyran and his family when we were in South Africa in April to help build our new classroom.  He was very shy but sweet.  We are grateful to be able to provide this potentially life-saving opportunity for him and hope to continue for years to come.

Tyran’s mother in blue, and other farm workers
Tyran and his grandmother