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by Laura Grierson, Director, Acacia International

IMG_7528Standing out the front of the Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa we saw a group of small children quietly lining up outside. They stood out amongst the other groups of children surrounding them. Their eyes were the size of saucers, and they stood still, unsure of their surroundings. I commented on how timid they looked and Kissmea, who had arranged the trip for us, explained it was likely a lot of them had not been outside the township before. In that one moment I had never felt more grateful for my situation, motivated to do more and thankful we had contacted Love to Langa.

Aquarium3Abbi and I have always had the ambition to run a meaningful business. One that not only was commercially successfully, but was conscious and made a contribution to the areas we operated in. I had spent a long time searching for a program and was lucky to find Love to Langa’s website. I immediately had trust in the organisation following my conversations with Amy and Kissmea, and knew the involvement we could have in their projects was what we had been looking for.

The 12 children at the Aquarium were from The Mfuleni Early Childhood Development Centre. We spent the morning exploring the aquarium with them, and it was certainly the highlight of our trip to Cape Town. Their inquisitive, kind and grateful nature was a pleasure to be around and it was an honour to be able to give them an experience they may not have otherwise had. Abbi and I were both deeply moved by the experience, and inspired by the work Sandra and her team are doing at the school.

IMG_7539The following day we had the opportunity to visit a number of the townships, including Mfuleni and Sandra’s school. We were incredibly impressed at how she ran and looked after her school and children. It was an oasis within the township, and I’m sure a cherished place for the children who have the opportunity to be educated there each year. Kissmea also took us to the Philippi Children’s Centre and to visit Hazel, a lady who currently cares for 6 children in a small 2 bedroom shack. All of the experiences were eye opening, educational and inspirational.

We could not think of more worthy people than the children Love to Langa helps look after for our support. We are exceptionally proud to sponsor 5 children to attend Sandra’s school for a year and look forward to visiting next year when we are back in Cape Town!