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about-photo4Love to Langa is a US-based 501(c)3 charity focused on children in the Townships surrounding Cape Town, South Africa. Our staff is entirely volunteers, 100% of donations go towards programs.

Founded in 2010, Love to Langa has funded many initiatives including scholarships, teacher training programs, enrichment and field trips, a photography workshop for teenagers, a sports program, expansion of a school and now, the Love to Langa Swimming Academy and an orphanage at Hazel’s Centre of Hope.

Why Swimming?  

Some people ask us why we would be funding a Swimming Academy, which sounds like a luxury in a place where there are so many basic needs that are unmet. The answer is simple. Safety is a basic need! In the first world, most parents make sure their children are water-safe at a young age. Although swimming lessons average about USD$5 per lesson, that price is out of reach for many parents in the Townships. The Love to Langa Swimming Academy, completed in late 2016 is a one-of-a-kind teaching facility that not only is providing much needed life-skills to the children at the school, but also a sustainable resource for the school and community. Please join us in making an impact and reducing what is currently one of the highest causes of accidental death for children in South Africa.