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about-photo4Love to Langa is a US-based 501(c)3 charity focused on children in the Townships surrounding Cape Town, South Africa. Staff is entirely volunteers, 100% of donations go towards programs.

Founded in 2010, Love to Langa has funded many initiatives including scholarships, teacher training programs, enrichment and field trips, a photography workshop for teenagers, a sports program and now, the Love to Langa Swimming Academy.

Why South Africa?  Why should you care?

If you think about it, virtually any immigrant to the United States or other developed country would tell you that they came here for a better education for themselves or their kids. We feel that by starting to educate South African kids early…they can stay on this continuum of learning, and be part of the first educated generation in a country that is magical and filled with resources that create a foundation for them reaching their potential and the opportunity to not just dream, but to see their dreams realized.

We seek to educate donors to “get” our vision and understand the value of bringing in education to a country, filled with kids, with this much potential.